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Sponsor Applefest

The Cedaredge community will celebrate Applefest Oct. 6-8, 2023, in beautiful downtown Cedaredge! As you know, it is never a solo effort, our sponsors are an essential ingredient to ensuring Applefest is enjoyed by all. They are an instrumental component of our festival experience.


This year marks the festival’s 46th year as a time-honored tradition in Cedaredge, showcasing all the things that make our community an incredible place! The Event Committee and supporting partners are working hard to bring back all of the beloved events, including the Cedaredge Volunteer Fire Department’s Chili Cook-Off, the classic car show, live music, 5k, over 150+ artisan and craft vendors, and lots more!

Applefest 2023 will be successful with a strong team of dedicated community members, including sponsors. We invite your business or organization to join us in showcasing Cedaredge and Applefest as a 2023 Event Sponsor!


Cedaredge Town Park

350-398 SW 2nd Ave, Cedaredge, CO 81413


There are multiple Sponsorship levels that allow your business to be showcased throughout the year and festival weekend.


Select sponsorship levels will have their business mentioned in print, digital & radio advertising for Applefest.


Each sponsor will receive this years swag that is associated with their level of sponsorship.

  • Applefest is a Juried festival, what does this mean?"
    Applefest organizers feel a jury is an essential element to the success of a vibrant and enticing festival. Our jury consists of professional artists and craftspeople, art patrons and collectors, and local small business owners. There are anywhere from 4-7 members at any given on our jury committee. Please ensure your application is complete, including a detailed description and clear, quality photos of your booth offerings. Better descriptions and photos will help the Jury Committee better evaluate your application
  • Our business/organization was in Festival last year, do we still have to apply and pass the Jury Committee?"
    Businesses and Organizations in the festival previous years do not have to go through the initial Jury Committee as long as your products/offerings have not drastically changed. You are still required to submit pictures and a detailed list of all products offered. They will however, be evaluated on their festival etiquette from the previous year, did they keep their booth open for all festival hours, clean up their booth site, keep their vehicle off of Main Street and 5th street, be kind and courteous to other booth vendors, etc. We will also be checking to see if your business/organization submitted your sales and paid sales tax, if not you will not be allowed in the show this year.
  • What are your fees funding?
    Our fees fund the ability to put on the Festival, permits, set-up, break-down, etc. However, the remainder of the proceeds are earmarked for the Cedaredge Community Development Fund and the Applefest Business Grant Program. This fund supports community development activities to build a stronger and more resilient Surface Creek Valley. To support community development, activities are identified through an ongoing process. The items that we are looking at to fund with the Cedaredge Community Development Fund are: permanent wi-fi in Cedaredge Town Park, upgrades to Community signage, etc.
  • What are the Vendor Categories and Fees?
    Surface Creek Valley Vendors must be located within Cedaredge, Eckert, Orchard City or Austin, Colorado Surface Creek Valley | Non-Profit | $0 Surface Creek Valley | Youth | $0 Surface Creek Valley | Arts, Crafts, Handmade, Cottage Foods | $200 Surface Creek Valley | Commercial Business | $275 Surface Creek Valley | Commercial Food | $525 | $25 per each additional linear foot Surface Creek Valley | Alcohol Vendor | $200 Any Vendor not is the Surface Creek Valley is an Out of SCV Vendor. Out of Surface Creek Valley | Non-Profit | $100 Out of Surface Creek Valley | Youth | $100 Out of Surface Creek Valley | Arts, Crafts, Handmade, Cottage Foods | 185 Out of Surface Creek Valley | Commercial Business | $300 Out of Surface Creek Valley | Commercial Food | $525 | $25 per each additional linear foot Out of Surface Creek Valley | Alcohol Vendor | $200 *Event staff reserves the right to make the final determination on your business/organization's vendor category.
  • What type of booths are allowed?
    Applefest is meant to showcase the offerings of local organizations and craftspeople. *We are not allowing vendors for political organizations in the Festival. Nor do we allow any overtly political merchandise. Event staff has the final say on if your booth offering qualifies as political. If you offer political merchandise on the day of the festival you will be asked to leave. ***Only churches located within the Surface Creek Valley may take out a vendor space; churches are limited to one space each. ****Resell vendors are limited as well, and must have high quality goods as determined by the Jury Committe and Event Staff. *****MLM companies (DoTerra, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.) are not allowed at the festival.
  • What days are vendors required to be set-up?
    Vendors must be set-up and ready for people Saturday, October 7th from 9am-5pm, and Sunday, October 8th from 9am-4pm. Vendors are not allowed to close early either day and if they do so they will not be invited back to the festival in 2024.
  • When can we set-up our booth?
    Only commercial food vendors, apple vendors located in the park, vendor booths on NW 5th Street and on Main Street up to NW 3rd Street are allowed to set up on Friday afternoon/evening. Vendors on Main Street from NW 3rd Street to Hwy 65 are allowed to set up on Saturday morning. This is to allow our businesses on Main Street to operate normal business hours on Friday without interuptions. During set-up no vehicles will be allowed on Main Street or 5th Street. You must be able to haul your booth set-up and offerings to your space from the side streets.
  • Can I have the same booth space as last year?
    Space requests are not guaranteed. We have made some improvements to the vendor layout from last year and so your space number may not be in the same spot as it was in the past. If you would like a booth in a specific block you may note that in your application. You may also note if there are other vendors that you would like to be neighbors with.
  • When is booth payment required?
    Do not send booth payment with your application. You will be required to pay all fees once you have been accepted as a vendor. You will be emailed when you are accepted, and you have 10 business days to remit payment.
  • Can my booth have electricity?
    There are limited spaces available with electrical hookups. Generators are allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you are given permission to use a generator, the maximum level of decibels allowed will be 70 dB. There is limited availability for 110 Volt and 220 Volt spaces. Electricity is $35 per 10' X 12' booth space.
  • Is there a waitlist?
    Yes, we encourage everyone to apply. If your business/organization passes the Jury Committee but there are too many other like booths we will add you to the waitlist. If you are placed on the waitlist you may pull yourself off of the waitlist at any time. You may be asked to participate in our Festival up until the week of our show, You will be notified by email or phone call about waitlist status.
  • Can we email an application in?
    This year we are only accepting digital applications for vendors through our website. We have tried to make it as user friendly as possible. If you have questions, please reach out to us at 970-856-3123.
  • Can I sell or serve alcohol?
    We have space for a limited number of alcohol vendors who may sell by the glass or sell your full bottles/cans for off-site consumption. We operate under the State of Colorado’s Festival Permit; please make sure your liquor license qualifies to operate under that permit. You may sell your alcohol ONLY in an approved Festival glass that drinkers must purchase from the merchandise booth. You are not allowed to sell full glasses of alcohol in any other cup or container. You may sample your offerings; you must provide your own sample glasses, and drinkers may not walk away from your booth with a sample. You may additionally sell bottles of wine, hard spirits, growlers or cans of beer, but it is your responsibility as a vendor to educate the drinker that those purchases are for off-site consumption only. Alcohol may be sold, sampled and served by the glass on Saturday from 9 am – 4:40 pm and on Sunday from 9 am – 3:40 pm
  • Vendor Acknowledgments
    I understand that Cedaredge Applefest is a juried vendor event, and my application does not guarantee acceptance to the show. If accepted as a vendor, I will pay all fees within 10 business days of notification of acceptance. My booth will be open for business during all show hours. I understand I cannot tear down my booth early either day; I understand that early teardown will result in me not being eligible to apply for a booth space for the 2024 show.
  • Set-Up & Break Down
    Set up times are staggered depending on location. Vendors in the park, commercial food vendors, apple/ag vendors in the park, vendors located on SW 5th Street and on Main Street between NW 5th and NW 3rd may set up on Friday, Oct. 7, from noon – 4 pm. Vendors on Main Street from NW 3rd to Hwy 65 may only set up on Saturday morning beginning at 6 am. All booths must be completely set up and ready for business no later than 8:45 am each morning. No vehicles may be on Main Street or NW 5th Street for any reason Saturday – Sunday. Failure to comply with vehicle regulations will result in you being asked to leave the show with no refund and you being barred from the 2023 show. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellations until 8/31/2023 will receive a full refund of all fees. No refunds will be given for any reason after 8/31/2023.
  • Food Vendor Guidelines
    It is the responsibility of food vendors to know which guidelines you fall under for food sales and serving. Please be familiar with both the Food Service license regulations through Delta County Health Department and the State of Colorado's Cottage Foods Act.
  • Trash Removal & Clean-Up
    I understand that I am responsible for the removal of all trash from my booth and that I will leave my booth area clean. Food vendors must provide their own trash cans for food waste – you may not bring a festival-provided trash can closer to your food truck. Food Vendors agree that any food waste left behind, including grease spills, will result in being barred from the 2024 show.
  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged Merchandise
    I understand the Town of Cedaredge is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged merchandise.
  • One Booth, One Vendor
    I understand that there is to be one business per booth and that multiple businesses or organizations may not share booth space.
  • Booth Area
    I understand I am to provide all of my own electrical cords, tables, chairs, shade coverings and other items for my booth. All cords must be secured/taped down to alleviate tripping/walking hazards. No tape may be placed on the lampposts. I understand that my booth is exactly 10x10 feet and that my merchandise may not extend in front or to the sides beyond the 10 feet. I cannot use the sidewalk behind my booth as storage or as part of the booth space. No ties, tape, rope, cords or other items may be used on lampposts or trees to secure my booth.

Sponsorship Inquires

Thank you in advance for making the 46th annual Cedaredge Applefest a sweet success!

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the 46th annual Cedaredge Applefest!

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