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Apple grower at a booth at Cedaredge Applefest.


The Surface Creek Valley is known for its temperate climate, and early settlers took advantage by growing award-winning apples, peaches, and other fruits.  In 1909, Cedaredge and other Surface Creek fruit growers entered the National Apple Show, winning more prizes than any other entrants from across the nation.  


Cedaredge Applefest has been celebrating area fruit growers annually since 1977 on the first full weekend in October, commemorating the fall harvest and rich agricultural heritage of our area.

Applefest Stories

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The Beginning of Applefest
By: Ronn Brewer - HCS Guest Writer

In 2024, the Cedaredge community will celebrate the 46th annual Cedaredge Applefest. Over the years the festival has grown to include activities for three full days, but throughout the years, one thing has remained constant: Applefest is a true community event, celebrating the bounty of the Surface Creek Valley by showcasing local apples, ag, art, music, crafters and businesses. Read More

Santiago Barajas' Dream Building His Dream Orchards
By: Cassie Fortman & Jess Shelton

Santiago came to the area from Jalisco, Mexico in April 1978. He worked for Fuller Orchards in Palisade and then Don Williams here in Surface Creek for 24 years. Later he started working with Jack  and then Chris Wagner of Wags Orchards. In 2004, he purchased a home  on one acre near the orchards and then continued expanding by adding  20 more acres and later another 20 acres. He has continued adding to the home himself and creating a little piece of heaven on Nowhere Rd. 


Now Barajas Dream Orchards grows and sells beautiful honeycrisp, fuji, and gala apples along with peaches and vegetables. Santiago sells his produce at farmers markets in Basalt, Gunnison, and Delta. He also ships to clients across the country.


Having his own orchard is something Santiago always dreamed of and the pride he holds in making this dream happen radiates from this incredibly kind and hard-working man. Come see him on Apple Lane at the upcoming Applefest

Cedar Mesa Community Club: True Grit
By: Stu Carlson - Staff Writer

Like many of the surrounding mesas scattered about Delta County, Cedar Mesa was settled by tough and dedicated pioneers who forged their farms and orchards in the rocky landscape. Located adjacent to the town of Cedaredge, this mesa carries a tradition of community spirit that is solely owed to the Cedar Mesa Community Club. Read More

1959 Harvest Festival Parade Town of Cedaredge photo
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